First of all - Saftey first!

In case of an on-going emergency, always call 112.

If you need to come in contact with us urgent at Hotel N Hostel, plz come by the reception or at late hours call our Saftey and Security line- +46 40 655 13 00

Hotel N Hostel Malmö City should be a safe and secure place to stay at.  We have our Safety program for our team members and our guests. Every day, we check the evacuation routes and that the fire equipment works properly.

In addition to what the law requires, we also have a comprehensive safety and security checklist.
Except for this, we hope that you as our guest also help us. To do so this is a good checklist:


  • If you see anything that seems strange or a potential risk please let us know directly. If not urgent you can send us an e-mail or talk to us.
  • Make sure never to block an emergency exit with your luggage or anything else.
  • Make sure you know where Hotel N Hostel´s evacuation routes are. And assembly points are outside to the Ice cream shop to the left
  • If there is an ongoing emergency always call 112