Explore Malmø

Find the raisin in the cake, and explore the city!

Just like in all places, the best way to get to know a city is through walking in the city. Malmö have a lot to offer great restaurant, nice bars and cafés as well as many sightseeings.

The bridge also

known as Öresundsbron

If you’re a fan of crime dramas you may want to come just to say you’ve seen the structure that starred in “The Bridge” If you haven´t seen the series yet go for it, but first in real life.

Anybody keen on megastructures will want to cross the Öresund Bridge, which forms part of a link between Sweden and Denmark across the Sound.This is the longest combined railway and road bridge in Europe,

extending for just shy of eight kilometres to the man-made island of Peberholm. Here it transitions to a tunnel to complete the crossing to Copenhagen.

Turning Torso

The Story Behind Malmo’s Turning Torso, the World’s First Twisting Tower. It’s not just the tallest building in Sweden, it’s the tallest building in the Nordic countries, and Malmö’s award-winning Turning Torso, the first in a wave of “twisting” buildings, has quite the story behind it.

Turning Torso was inspired by a sculpture called Twisting Torso, which was made entirely from white marble by Santiago Calatrava, the engineer, architect, and sculptor who also designed the Turning Torso.

Ribban Beach

Ribbersborg, often just called “Ribban” Malmö’s main beach is just down from the Turning Torso, and is patrolled by lifeguards in summer. The shore is fringed by a long walking and cycling path, and within minutes of the Hylliekrokens Golfcenter, which has nine holes and a driving range.

Here is a lot of places for a Swedish fika, lunch or dinner. The beach has fine pale sand that is replenished every couple of years.

But what really lends the beach character is the Ribersborgs open-air bath at the end of a pier.

Folkets Park

Together with the carousels and rides, a large playground, children's theatre, terrarium, petting zoo, miniature golf, restaurants, cafes and changing entertainment programs, the park offers a place for the whole family especially in summer.

The park is open all year round, but not all the attractions are open all year round. The general admission is free, but some of the attractions may call for separate entrance fees

Disgusting Food Museum

The exhibit has 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. Adventurous visitors will appreciate the opportunity to smell and taste some of these notorious foods. Do you dare smell the world’s stinkiest cheese?

Or taste sweets made with metal cleansing chemicals?

  • Cuy – roasted guinea pigs from Peru.
  • Surströmming – fermented herring from Sweden.
  • Casu marzu – maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia
  • Stinky tofu – pungent bean curd from China.
  • Hákarl – well-aged shark from Iceland.
  • Durian – infamously stinky fruit from Thailand.

Discover Malmø by boat

Travel along the canals and under the bridges and see Malmö from a new side. The dock is located next to the Malmö Live building complex. The closest street adress is Norra Vallgatan 93. The boats are very spacious with room for up to 12 people.

The table in the middle is perfect for drinks or a picnic, while there is enough space around it to stretch your legs and don’t feel squeezed in. The large rudder and speed lever make it a breeze for the captain to keep control of the boat’s direction and speed.

Emporia Shopping Mall

Emporia is the region’s largest shopping centre with approximately 230 shops and is fun for all the family. The shopping centre is only 300 metres from Malmö Arena Hotel and has extended opening hours. There are all sorts of shops from large chains, such as Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Ralph Lauren, to smaller shops with individual choices. There are also high-quality secondhand shops and many excellent cafés and restaurants. In short, the perfect place if you feel like spending a rainy afternoon on shopping and fika.

Second Hand and Vintage

Malmö is filled with Second Hand stores for you to indulge in. We have listed some of the best below:

  • Humana Second Hand.
  • Myrorna på Södra Förstadsgatan.
  • MANI.
  • Kiddo.
  • Beyond Retro.
  • Erikshjälpen.
  • Wågat & Schöönt.
  • Öppen Famn Second Hand

Bars and restaurants we recommend!

Malmö is famous in Sweden for the eclectic mix of international food cultures and traditions that come together in this south Sweden city. There are plenty of restaurants and we decided to guide you to places we like nearby the Hotel N Hostel.

Mucho Gusto

25 meters from the Hotel N Hostel you'll find this South American restaurant- Mucho Gusto.

Bone a vie

Serves you well-cooked French bistro food in their family restaurant on Davidhallstorg.The relatively simple and robust bistro dishes they serve are based on a measure of ingredients and care for the ingredients they use. The flavors should surprise but still stay within the framework of the classic French cuisine. Bienvenue!


They have long tried to create the perfect tortilla, but it is not until now that they have perfected it. We LOVE the result and believe you will too! These best ever homemade tortillas are soft and tasty. When you taste the first one, you will never again want to eat it pre-packaged.


Asian cocktail lounge & restauranturant- Mucho Gusto.

Avokado Malmö

Real food, real happiness. Thoughtfully sourced and crafted with love. Theis men is 100% dairy free. 


More than just a restaurant. This classic Greek restaurant has been located in the center of Malmö for many years.